Orals and posters

List of oral abstracts & posters presented at international conferences:

  1. Jenkins, C., Luisa, D. R., Heinonen, T., Johnson, J., Kennedy, L., Short, A., Bhatti, S. F., Foster, D., Leegwater, P., Mandigers, P., Jokinen, T., Packer, R. M. A., Santifort, K. M., Volk, H. A., Mellersh, C. S., Hytönen, M., Lohi, H., & Ricketts, S. L. (2022). Idiopathic epilepsy in the Border Collie: using genome-wide association study and whole genome sequencing approaches to identify genetic risk factors. 59-59. Abstract from 11th International Conference on Canine and Feline Genetics and Genomics, Huntsville, Alabama, United States.
  2. K.M. Minor, A. Letko, D. Becker, P.J.J. Mandigers, S.R. Bellekom, P.A.J. Leegwater, K. Putschbach, A. Fischer, T. Flegel, K. Matiasek, E. Furrow, N. Patterson, S.R. Platt, P.A. Kelly, G.D. Shelton, H. Martineau, C. Muir, S.L. Priestnall, A. Oevermann, J. R. Mickelson, C. Drögemüller. Mutations of NAPEPLD independently associated with leukoencephalomyelopathy in Leonberger and Rottweiler dogs. . Dog and Cat genetic conference Minnesota, USA, 2017 ORAL
  3. Babs E. Verstrepen, Zahra Fagrouch, Judith Drenthen, Melanie van Heteren, Herman Oostermeijer, Tom Haaksma, Ruth Huizinga, Bart Jacobs, Paul J.J. Mandigers, Willy M. Bogers, Ivanela Kondova, and Ernst J. Verschoor. Experimental infection of rhesus macaques with Zika virus. DAVS, Amsterdam, 2017 POSTER
  4. Twelve years of chiari-like malformation and syringomyelia scanning in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in the Netherlands: can we get away from it?
    Katrien Wijnrocx, Leonie W.L. Van Bruggen, Wieteke Eggelmeijer, Erik Noorman, Arnold Jacques, Nadine Buys, Steven Janssens and Paul J.J. Mandigers, Voorjaarsdagen congres, Amsterda, 2017 ORAL
  5. The clinical significance of encephalitozoon cuniculi in young dogs with neurological signs. Tamar S. de Boer, Lenie C. Boswijk-Appelhof, Montse Diaz-Espineira and Paul J.J. Mandigers, Voorjaarsdagen congres, 2017 ORAL
  6. Canine epilepsy: a survey on the owners' perspective of quality of life. Maud F.N. Hamers, Montse M. Diaz Espineira, and Paul J.J. Mandigers, Voorjaarsdagencongres, 2017
  7. Limburg, P & Mandigers P.J.J. The prevalence of Chiari-like malformation and Syringomyelia in several toy breeds in the Netherlands. Voorjaarsdagencongres, Amsterdam, 2014 POSTER
  8. K. Truar, T. Flegel, E. Ludewig, P.J.J. Mandigers, G. Oechtering. MRI findings in Hereditary Necrotizing Myelopathy in a Kooikerdog. ECVN Congress Paris, 2013 POSTER
  9. Schuurmans A.H.M., J. van den Broek, P.J.J. Mandigers. Correlation for Bromide Dose, Serum Level, place and time. ECVN Congress Ghent, 2012 POSTER
  10. Mandigers PJJ, Houwers DJ, Blankenstein B. Cyniclomyces Guttulatus, a differential diagnosis in chronic diarrhoea?, ECVIM-CA Congress Budapest 2007;223-223. POSTER
  11. Mandigers PJJ. Tetraparalysis in an African Lion (Panthera Leo ). Annual symposium of the European Society of Veterinary Neurology 2004;17:45-45. ORAL
  12. Mandigers PJJ. Hypovitaminosis A in a Lion (Panthera Leo ). Annual symposium of the European Society of Veterinary Neurology 2004;17:15-15. ORAL**
  13. Mandigers PJJ, Biourge V. Efficacy of a Soy Hydrolysate Based diet in the management of chronic Canine Gastroenteritis: A controlled Study. Symposium of the ESVCN 2004;8:128-129. ORAL
  14. Mandigers PJJ, Ingh TSGAMvd, Bode P, et al. Incidence of subclinical hepatitis in three year old Doberman's and associated liver copper values. Symposium ECVIM-CA congress 2000;10:58-59. ORAL
  15. Mandigers PJJ, Stokhof AA. Automatic computerised ECG analysis. Is it possible? British Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress 1999;42:279-279. ORAL
  16. Mandigers PJJ, Nell T. The validation of the blood glucose values measured with the Precision q.i.d. and the Glucocard Memory 2 in dogs and cats compared to a validated enzymatic hexokinase method. Symposium ECVIM-CA congress 1999;9:180-182. ORAL
  17. Mandigers PJJ, Diepenbroek E, van Nes JJ. Stange behaviour in a puppy. Could this be a tumour? Annual symposium of the European Society of Veterinary Neurology 1997;11:16-16. ORAL
  18. Mandigers PJJ, Stokhof AA. A Computerized ECG Analyzer. VetQ 1996;18(S1) S56-S57. ORAL
  19. Mandigers PJJ, Ingh TSGAMvd, van Nes JJ, et al. A neuron degenerative disease in young Rottweiler dogs. A new neurological disorder in Rottweiler dogs. Annual symposium of the European Society of Veterinary Neurology 1995;9:63-64. ORAL
  20. Mandigers PJJ, van Nes JJ, Voorhout G. Intracranial tumors: a diagnostic challenge. Vet Q 1994;16 Suppl 1:62S. ORAL
  21. Mandigers PJJ, van Nes JJ, Knol BW, et al. Hereditary Kooiker dog ataxia. Tijdschr Diergeneeskd 1993;118 Suppl 1:65S. ORAL
  22. Mandigers PJJ, van Nes JJ, Knol BW, et al. Hereditary Myelopathy in the Dutch Kooiker dog. Annual symposium of the European Society of Veterinary Neurology 1993;7. ORAL