Epilepsy research Labradoodle in English

Unfortunately, epilepsy in the Labradoodle is very common and is sometimes very difficult to treat. The condition therefore has a considerable impact on the life of the dog and the owner. That is why we are doing this research. Partly it is about mapping the epilepsy, how we can treat it better and whether we can also find a genetic cause. Help us by completing the survey and providing a DNA sample. This survey is open for all doodle variants.

Clicking on this link will take you to the survey.

Of scan deze QR code

To submit a blood sample for DNA isolation, click dna-formulier-labradoodle.pdf

or as worddna-formulier-labradoodle.docx

If you can and want to support us financially, that is very welcome. Click for this deze link. After your help please return to this page.

If in doubt what kind of seizure your dog suffers from:

Examples of a focal seizure: After viewing click on the return button: focale aanvallen

Examples of a generalised tonic-clonic seizure: After viewing click on the return button: gegeneraliseerde aanval

Next to this we can rarely see in the labradoodle paroxsyaml dyskinesia: After viewing click on the return button paroxysmale dyskinesie

You may see both types in your dog. If there is any doubt, please contact us. You are of course always welcome with your dog for diagnosis and treatment. To do this, please contact the clinic:
Evidensia Dierenziekenhuis Arnhem (026-3333730) or email to
Evidensia Dierenziekenhuis Hart van Brabant (0416-745 414) or email to
University Clinic for Companion Animals (030-2539411) or email to reception
Epicenter Ghent-Merelbeke